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Bla Bla... Life as I know it..

So I broke down and decided to recruit some help to clean the house before all my company (all 11 people) decides to show up starting tuesday. So I called my sis in laws housekeeper and scheduled her. I think that it is strange that I am like oooo the house keeper is coming so I better clean up before she gets here. LOL It is like that commercial that the little girl says to her mom... Mommy what are you doing... Mommy says the dishes... Little girl... I thought that the dishwasher does the dishes... Mommy... It does. little girl looks confused. Yeah I am that crazy I guess.

I just have crap everywhere and I am trying to do 50000 things at once. Like, Put together that DAMN changing table that my parents bought me a month ago that Aaron said he would put together. And, 500 loads of laundry. Are there such things as laundry fairies? I would put one on salary and treat her as gold if I could get me one of those. Then I have to rearrange the living room furniture since I had the carpets cleaned and i dont currently have a functioning living room. Change all the bedding... oops there goes more laundry, straighten and decorate the Nursery so people dont think that my nursery is totally ghetto...

you name it i need to do it and i am going on day three without a full on shower. I am like on month three with out a full on leg shave... no worries thought i think I hit the pits with a razor somewhere between more dang pictures at the mall and Friday mornings 2am screamfest that the girls so graciously threw me. Or I might have dreamed it. either way, I need an all around grooming that no one can do for me.

I would be happy with someone comeing to the house and watching the girls for half an hour so I could remember my name and who i am and how to brush my hair. that is if I still have hair.

I think that my hormones are all helping out with that since it is all falling out. I heard that it was this thing that happened after you have a baby. I never thought this bad. So I have less hair on my head now than ever before, hair other places I DONT want I think my hair that fell off my head landed on my legs, crotch, and underarms.

I am stressed to the max, sleep deprived, my husband wants to know when I will get my labito back, and I am trying to get all these dang 300 christmas cards prepared to go out. Welcome to mothherhood.

About that LAbito...yeah so I wanted to scream at my husband, when you pitch in and do what you at least agreed to, let me have a 10 minute shower where no one utters a word or thought my way and I might get 4 hours of consecutive sleep you MIGHT THEN JUST MIGHT GET A PIECE. But I only slightly mutter a few words in response to his corner of the house as I trot off to go change the laundry.

By the way... I think I am fatter. Like in 2 days fatter... either that or i have been remembering to put in my contacts. In which case I need to remember NOT to put them in. I think right now... IGNORANCE IS TRUELY BLISS. Maybe I will hit the gym some time in 2009 or later.

Anyhow, off to fold laundry I go as I can hear snoring from our bedroom. I hope that he is sleeping REALLY good. YOu know it is sooooo important he sleep good.. On a side note.

::::::::: Things Aaron Said today that I couldnt Believe came out his mouth ::::::::::
1. " SO, when do you think you will want to have sex more that once a month?"
2. " You know what I am going to focus on really hard this week honey.....
catching up on my sleep."
( I seriously thought that he was going to say work on the house)
3. " I think that you need to set a schedule so that you and the babies are happier. They just need some disipline in their life."
( Right...so can you see explaining to a 4 month old... we cant change your diaper now because it is time for bla bla. But after you eat in about 13 minutes I can change it then because it will be time. heh..."

okay enough blabing... off to fold laundry at 1am. HAsta
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