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Adventures in Twinsland

So... We went to the mall today and we had a family picture done. Yeah at one of those kiddie places where the employees make blubbering idiots of themselves to try to make children smile. Well the family picture is even more excrutiating. Mom and Dad have to sit there smiling for like 10 minutes while this poor person is making all these annoying noises at your children which you think my kid CANNOT be ammused by you, you FREAK! Then when they finally take the picture you and dad have been holding the smile so long and have become so annoyed by the lady your facial expression says... "yeah here are my twins, I am holding the other set of twins up my butt. Merry FREAKING Christmas." All the while other people are watching and saying SMILE MOM AND DAD>>> Then OOPS one or both twins werent looking. Or oops one was making their poopy face.. At that point you say I DONT CARE IF MY KID HAS THEIR POOPY FACE ON THE FRONT OF THE CHRISTMAS CARD. Then the lady says oh lets try one more... OH NO Projectile spit up on dad... oh the other is blowing bubbles where is the burp cloth! And then finally your husband looks at you like NO MORE OR ELSE, the girls are crying, the lady is making obsenely loud obnoxious noises 12" from your face to get your babies attention like they are going to stop screaming and all of a sudden smile and you say.. OKAY WE'RE DONE I THINK I LIKED THE LAST ONE YOU TOOK. The lady says that wasnt so bad now was it, what if you had another set of twins, he he? You try to make some form of a nice gesture inbetween an uh huh and a nu uh, Everyone exhales and then you order the pics and say I need a nap, shot of vodka, food, in no particular order, and can someone change my freakin diaper for once. Here's to another episode of fun in twinsland...

Our First Family Photo
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