hollis (barerobot) wrote in momsofmultiples,

An update of the momumental kind (at least, for me).

I posted two weeks ago about how shocked and scared my fiance and I were to find out I was pregnant, just five months after having fraternal twin girls. I can't tell you guys how reassuring it was to hear how others have done it, survived and maintained sanity!

The kicker is, and I just got the call from the doctors office last night after getting the results from the lab, that my doctor is positive I am pregnant with twins. My hormone level should've been around 808; it was 1614. Double, almost exactly, of what it should've been.

So, let's recap the situation: We're finally acclimated to living in our two bedroom condo we just bought three months ago, we have five month old twin girls and are now expecting twins in late May, when the girls will be a little over 12 months old.

Anyone out there going through or gone through -this-?

(x-posted in hopes of finding someone who can relate)
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