☆ Stop Listening to the Static ☆ (warzau_kitten) wrote in momsofmultiples,
☆ Stop Listening to the Static ☆

Moms, need your help...well more like your suggestions

What would be some good topics of discussion to add to my twins & multiples moms board?


My twins are only 5 months.. so I do not know too many topics to add to it yet. Some of the moms have twins that are grade school and middle school aged as well as those with babies, toddlers, and even a couple with high school aged Twins. There are a few pregnant with twins as well.

I wanted to add some good topics some geared towards the moms of baby and toddler twins as well as ones with preschool, grade school, middle and high school aged twins.

What all would you suggest to add?

*just so you do not ask - No I am not trying to spam you or anything. I just want some topic suggestions.
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